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Three Sisters - Part Two

Three Sisters: 1st letter from 경옥
April 2004 / After Translation

To my lovely KyungMi,

KyungMi, the time which we spend together already to be a remembrance.
I reflect on my old memory as like your story. It seems like that we lived together for the short time after mom and dad past away.

One day, someone told me that if I live in rich peoples’ house and then there are lots of delicious food and good stuff over there. After a few days later say that, KyungSuk , you and me , we went one rich people’s house. And then KyungSuk and you left me over there and going to leave without me. So I cried a lot and asked bring me together. At that time , three of us cried all together a lot. Then you gave me one plastic ring and said that “you must keep this ring well, and then we will meet again and let’s don’t forget each other.” It was last seen of you and me.

After that, I gown up in my foster parents house. I always feel gloomy and lonely, but I had lived with one hope that all our sisters and brothers going to be together on someday.
So I did not have any anger or mad as like you. Maybe I was little mature than you .
Only one thing I regret that our parents has passed away so early. I thought that KyungSuk have bad illness so she died. So I understand them , because even I was a old sister or old brother , I don’t have any way to keep us to be together.

The reason why I decided go to KBS broadcast that I want to looking for you than others.
So my dream was come true and you grown up well , so I thank you so much.
Also I really appreciate to your foster parents in USA.
If I have a chance , I want to say that how I thank you to them.

After I met KyungSuk, I knew that she still alive and you adopted to America.
She thought that it is better let you adopted to good family who have more good condition to raise you well and she just keep in her mind that one day she will find you .

We never gave you up, it was just apart from each other for the short time since we were too poor. Especially, KyungSuk did not abandon you. She said that when she sent you adoption agency, you two cried a lot and she talk to you that just go take air plane and then come back soon and meet again (for make you comfort).

In my thought, I’m so proud that you have made it in a foreign land.
This is also not too late, so please keep in touch often, if possible let’s meet so that we can share our lost affection.

Our living level in here is ****, we are healthy and do our best for your nephews.
Your brother in law *** he working at small factory. KyungSuk’s husband is fish man (not owner of ship) , and second brother is working at construction part and old brother is working at an ocean-going ship so he is far away . But he knew that we met all together.
He also really expect meet you soon.

**************Also you parents looks like so nice and kind so I feel easy .
I can read from your face that you raised with love. Thanks you for that.
I feel the lack but going to stop here.

Kyung Mi, I love you....
I will write letter often and bye until we meet again.

From KyungOk

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