Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Passage Three - Visual Memory

Above, a photo taken before I left my Foster Mother from Adoption Agency. When we were there at the agency in 2004, the social worker allowed me to take this picture that had remained in my file since 1979. I remember posing for this photo. The photographer told me not to smile but to look sad. I was always smiling much like now..they did not want my new family to think I was happy there without them...I am guessing on that.
My Siblings showering us with many Gifts. Me trying on traditional clothes.

After our reunion show on Achim Madong -KBS, we all went to my Sister KyungOk's house. We ate, drank, ate, drank, and simply cherished the little time we had left together. Although, we had not seen each other since 1979, I felt an overwhelming sense of home. I felt myself becoming, 'KyungMee' again. I was their baby sister and all that they wanted to do was feed me, love me, and hope that my husband protects me from harm when we return to America.

Namdaemun Market

The same Market from my Childhood. Many of my memories take place in this Market. I was never sure if my memories of this market place was dreamt up from my imagination or if it really existed. I felt we were walking back through time. My senses all telling me that I was never that lost...just waiting.

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