Saturday, July 25, 2009

Papa-Visual Memory Continue

The image below was taken from a Korean Museum of History. It is of a Traditional way to cook your food. The heat from the coal would also heat your floors. It sat apart from your home-living quarters. Most modern homes going back into the '70s and maybe further did not need or even have this attached to your homes unless you lived in the countrysides or up on mountainous areas. I believe when I lived with my foster family or sometime elsewhere, I had resided at homes that had used big cylinder coal to cook in an outside room detached from the main room. I remember helping to cook dumpling soup in big traditional Korean pots that had a large rim that went around the top part of the pots. These pots would fit down into these pits, sitting on top of the coal. Funny, after I had lived in the States for some time, I would talk of these experiences with other young Koreans that had come to the States with their parents. They tell me that they could not relate. They never experienced this as well as some other memories I have had and would tell me that I had at times lived like their Grandparents or Parents.

Taken from same Museum. Traditional way the women would work together to prepare the vegetables. Most likely preparing Kimchi.

We took this picture in a small village in Jeju Island. Traditional Pots for storing Kimchee.
I remember helping the 'women' prepare Kimchee in their gardens. I believe it was with my Foster Mother.

We spent a day exploring the Korean Subway Systems. We rode the subway train with no particular destination. We stopped at one town where we ran into some kind of festival and street displays lined up with all my childhood favorite candies and other sweets.


Keachy said...

interesting post! keep it up..

kyungmee said...

Thanks, Keachy!
I guess you can say that I am writing and seeing where it takes me too:) I kind of have a plan but I am interested in the comments and seeing how that may influence me and my writing too! So, please, let me know what you think and what these pieces say to you.

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