Saturday, July 25, 2009

Papa - Visual Memory

One of many Fish Markets. Streets lined with seafood and other goods. They sat up little areas for you to sit and eat the freshest Seafood you can imagine.

Some of Korea's soda pops selections. They have vending machines everywhere you go that are full of pop, noodle soups, and mini-coffee to go.

Steamed snails.
Like a dream, everywhere we visited, food, places, and all my senses came to a full circle.
Awakening my memories and visions of my childhood. I was giddy and very animated like a little child once again. I would laugh, cry, and laugh with joy. My husband was in amazement with how he was able to see all my stories come to life.

Dukbokki Man
Long rice cakes in spicy sauce.
One of my favorites as a child and now.


the need for a father? said...

I have been watching the Korean adoptee rights movement and emailed my support this load of pix are beautiful, but you might like to have a look at the link below as it features professionals' insights about adoption - it's anti-adoption >

kyungmee said...

I know I can relate to many of the points given on your site. I have to say though I have mixed feelings about adoption being an adoptee myself. I had a wonderful and a hard life in Korea and here as well. My whole experience has left me with many questions, holes, and an incredible journey to learn more about me and the world we live in. I hope you continue to follow my Blog as I venture ahead...and see where this blog takes me. I have already made a link to your site and is one of your followers! Very exciting.

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