Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sol Flower_ 'Kiss the Kids'

Fate. Perhaps, my life knew all roads would lead me back to my Home. Maybe in some way, it whispered to me from time to time of how it all would fall into place. Dropping little gifts along the way to signal an awakening in my heart. A distant Dream to Reality.

Only days before our fateful trip to the Agency, we decided to spend the day exploring Seoul. We must have passed so many music stores until we came upon One somewhere in the underground subway system of Seoul. It was thrilling to walk through the aisles listening and sampling music side by side with other Koreans. We were not there very long before the words spoke out to me.."Kiss the Kids". I stopped and reached my hand out to hold it. 'Sol Flower'. 'Kiss the Kids'. My heart felt full. I needed to hear it. I quickly called out for my husband to come look at what I had found. I felt all my senses coming to a full circle filling me up and bringing me back to my old playground. My field of dreams and sun kissed flowers that had protected me not just in my childhood but throughout my years. My husband placed the head phones upon my head and the song began... I did not need to understand the words. I knew it was speaking to me. The song was speaking to that Child in all of us who were once lost and now would be found.

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