Monday, July 20, 2009

Passage One - Visual Memory

The picture of the Flowers were taken days prior to our Fateful trip to the Adoption Agency. These flowers are everywhere in Korea. Many of my memories are covered with these Flowers.

The First picture above was taken after we went to visit the Adoption Agency. The Social Worker had given us a general address to my old residence from 1979. We drove all around town until I spotted this street. It brought me back to the Apartments I had lived in prior to being dropped off at the Adoption agency. I don't know if this was the very spot but my senses were awakened and memories overwhelmed me. Louie, our Tour Guide, quickly stopped the car and we got out to search for something familiar. My husband held my hand and quietly reassured me to believe in my thoughts. He paced himself to walk along side of me and gave me a kiss. He believed in me. He believed in my memories. He wanted me to open the doors of my memories and to believe in my instincts. Looking up the street, to the hills that stood beyond the now new apartments, my memories of my friend Muri rushed over me. The fields of Sun Kissed Flowers surrounded my vision.

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