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Three Sisters - Part Three

Three Sisters: 1st Letter from 경숙 / After Translation
April 27, 2004

My proud of KyungMee,

I really thanks to God for our reunion of family. In spite of suffering from separation of other people, it’s really God’s blessing that we meet each other which even I couldn't’t expect in my dream.

KyungMee, I heard that KyungOk preyed & begged to God everyday for our reunion, so it seems that God response to her pray. It remind me old memory that we were young, I bought all to market for buying noodle soup and rice cake. Also I can remember When you were 4~5 years old, you went Christmas event at the church and when you come back you were holding bag of treats and you had big smile on you face.

Do you think that I were comfortable during the long time when we were separated each other?
I always missed our family even in my dream and I felt guilty by myself. I can’t express with any word how I feel happy for our meeting. What can I change with my pleasure which small and young KyungMee show up in front of me after grown up and with husband ? I can imagine that you had hard time for getting over loneliness and pain in foreign land. I really appreciate to your parents in US that raised you very well and make you have today’s life.

KyungMee, I know that you couldn't’t forget the long period which making you struggling for meet again our family but you did well. Also, we finally met all together, so let’s forget the dark and painful old memory and do our best in our life for better and bright future. We can’t share all our happiness at once, let’s enjoy our happiness and glory day by day.

When I let you go away when you were young and small, I were also very exhausted.
I’m afraid it make you feel that it’s not good excuse, but I was also very young and being exhausted at that time.

I tried that taking good care of my brothers and sisters by myself in any case, but I couldn't’t so you can blame me about that. I sometimes resented our parents because they left us in the world when we were so young. I felt guilty about that I couldn't’t be a good shelter to my younger brothers and sisters as like big mountain.

KyungMee, As we meet all together, let’s love and take care each other. I hope that you be a mature, wise wife who can make husband succeed. Even both of you have a job, I hope you make more effort and good support for your husband. Always be patient, and everything must be return to your husband as a love.

As you know, we couldn't’t share love between parents and sister, brothers compare with other people. So I hope we share our loves with your husband and our siblings from now on.
KyungMee, we really appreciate to your husband’s family and your family in U.S and blessing for all of them.

You have a great job. Even you forget about your difficult and painful life, you taking care of more poor and weak neighbors, it seems really wonderful. KyungJin is working for construction company and KyungSun is working at ship. He just went out to ocean, so it’s going to be take 2 years for come back. KyungOk is working at home what making some part of cloth which get stuff from clothing company. I have run small shop, but I just closed because of my health condition.

I really feel sorry about that we separate again without enjoy our joyful meeting.
Also I couldn't’t talk to you what I want to talk with you because of my lack of ability.
KyungMee, even your job making you busy, I hope you study Korean as much as you can.
Also the gifts which you sent us, it was really good enough and they look really wonder and great who is in then picture which you sent us. Your mother looks so beautiful, elegance and lovely person in the picture which up loaded on Internet.

KyungMee, your family seems like gorgeous and lovely . I really blessing that you are a member of great family. I will pray for you and your family for blessing.

KyungMee, the name of my sister which I want to call lots of time a day.

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