Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Right at your finger tips

I am always uneasy about writing on this space of my current affairs since it is hard to separate your emotions from what may be playing out in the moment. No time passed to reflect or to digest and understand total dynamics of the situation.
I have been thinking about translators and translation lately. I recently wrote a few letters to my siblings in Korea letting them know of my visit to The Netherlands and sent some photos of the trip and of our Brother, KyungIl and his family. I have not heard of any responses yet and don't expect one any time soon. That is how our relationship has been moving since we reunited back in 2004. I realize many factors play into this and some of them I may never know. What I do know and feel is that disappointment that I tell myself I would avoid since I decided to search for them. I could be happy to have just known them and have found them and in a way, I am pleased with just this. But inside always aches for more.

My friends tell me that if there are Translators that has offered to help me to use them. I wonder at what cost? Aside from our initial Translator that we found when we first came home from Korea, I have used many through listings and through chance meetings. But with each of them, it is awkward since I do not know them well and feel I am intruding or simply too many favors. Sometimes it is not that I can simply do a 3way conversation on my home phone but that if I would use their services, I would have to visit them in their home or work place at certain times and then make calls...and always not easy to do this.

And after I have made all the arrangements to call, they are not there or we speak for a few minutes and later try again and speak a little to find out that my family in Korea do not remember our last conversation and state that is not what was said. Translation lost? I don't image this is what all adoptees go through but perhaps some understand what I am speaking of?

I am still dreaming of one day going back to Korea to visit them. I fear that I will lose total contact once again or become so distant that it would be awkward to go there. I will keep sending them my letters and photos from here. I hope that I will one day receive one back and hear from them of how they are doing in their homes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Search for a Korean Restaurant in Amsterdam - Visual Memory

In search for a Korean Restaurant in Amsterdam

Our Quest
Prior to my visit to The Netherlands, I told me brother, KyungIl, that he must try korean food while I am visiting him in Holland. He explained that he would love this very much but would need to research where we may find them, perhaps, in Amsterdam.  We must have googled Korean restaurants several times in search for Korean food but found that there were maybe only 8 or 9 listings and at least half of them were shut down or too far away for us  to travel. I was amazed and could not believe how difficult it was to find them even for a major city. We did come across one that was not a very long distance away to adventure out and for my brother to try! So, my brother KyungIl, his oldest brother, and I set out on our quest. It was very exciting and I felt the pressure to know my Korean and Korean selections if you readers understand what I mean. Especially other adoptees out there. But knowing the fact I enjoy and eat in Korean Restaurants often I knew what comes with dining in one too. I was ready and hoped they would very much enjoy their first experience. 

The Restaurant.
While we were there, we discovered that most of the people working and dining at the restaurant were not Korean, perhaps, one? I do not think anyone spoke Korean and if they did they did not respond back to me as Koreans usually do when I spoke to them with my " broken Korean Tongue". This often stirred up conversation in "most" restaurants or any Korean stores. I found it very interesting and was curious about the food. To my surprise most everything they brought out was very good..a little different but good! I was very happy that they both really enjoyed it and would try Korean food again. It was nice to know that maybe there were other Korean stores and markets nearby that my brother could shop at and try some other Korean foods. It was a very special evening to sit and eat with them at their very first Korean Experience.  We ate, laughed, and carried the evening away with good conversations that a good meal brings to the table. A special night for I hope not only me but all of us!
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