Wednesday, February 24, 2010

great news!

Hi everyone! I realize that much time has gone by here without any updates on how my relations have been since I had reconnected with my Eldest Sister in Korea and my Brother in The Netherlands. First, I want to announce that my Brother from The Netherlands will be coming out to visit this Spring bringing with him his Father and Brothers! We are very excited and looking forward to their visit. Our children will finally meet their Korean Dutch Uncle very soon! It is a wonderful feeling that my dreams of my children one day meeting the Family that I had once lost and thought would only be told of in stories.  And I look into the future and tell our children that one day, we will fly to Korea for a Family Reunion..all United.

I cannot say that this is far fetched hopes for my distant dreams have truly come into reality. And I will take this with all its tears and laughter that it brings. For my Siblings in Korea..I am still hopeful and hope we will talk again.


I thought I would post some images of my Brother, KyungIl, from my visit to The Netherlands here from time to time until his arrival! The images below are from our lunch while visiting Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was his first time eating Asian-Fusion Food. I was very happy to share his First with him! A wonderful little place full of charactor and good feelings. Enjoy!


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