Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things In Threes

I had received a few different request through the Face Book site to complete various types of "Notes" but had deleted them all until I had received one that stated I had to write up a list of the things that mattered the most to me but in Threes. I was going to pass it up once again but thought it would be a good way to describe myself and to reflect on what really does matter in my life. In the end, I found it to be an interesting & fun way for me to look at the things that had happened to me over the years. I felt it was a good way for others to get to know me probably a little more than they had before. Maybe you will try this.

It went like this:

Begin with 3 Names

2. Amey
3. Mommy:)

3 Countries Travelled

1.Korea ( left 1979 & returned 2004)
2.Dominican republic
3. Peru

3 Languages

1. Korean ...once fluent now struggling
2. would think I should know this language better.
3. Spanish...if only Koreans spoke Spanish

3 Engagements...!

1. A***
3. My Husband:)

3 Movies that make me smile!

1. My Fair Lady
2. Harvey
3. Being There

3 More Painful Memories

1. Being Adopted (departing my family & beginning a new one..the early years)
2. Finding my Korean Siblings & having to depart from them once again with uncertain future for us.
3. Losing my Father & Sister ( my family here) within months after our Return from my Korean Family Reunion.

3 Wishes that came true.

1,2,&3 ;) My husband & my two children.

3 Things I really enjoy...& wish I could do more often.

1. Paint...always wanted to learn to paint.
2. Love Photography.
3. Love to Dance even if I look crazy out there on the Floor! Love how music and dance can truly touch you in so many ways.

3 Books that provoked & enlighten me in my mid-teens.

1. Maxim Gorky..."My Childhood'
2.Fitzgerald ... "Cities on a Hill'
3.Steinbeck ...'Of Mice and Men' - wasn't a book of my own choosing but had to read this one in school. It had a Dramatic affect on me while reading it one late night. Cried on my Mother's lap for hours...she thought I had lost it a book!

3 Things I think is very cool.

1. The ability to 'control' my dreams whether it is to change scenery, mood or outcome. Especially, when I have reoccurring dreams.
2. The ability to sense 'others' 'spirits' or call it what you will...I have to say I had a couple experiences that were very real.
3. Meditation...I have meditated different times in my life...mainly recreational ( in a gym). The one time I can say that I have felt a sense of separation from my body and yet felt so in tune to my body and my surroundings was when a friend was teaching me how to meditate and understand different levels to meditation.


Anonymous said...

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kyungmee said...

IMCURTAIN, thankyou!I will see if I can figure your site out :)

Elizabeth said...

Good luck on your upcoming trip to the Netherlands! I am so excited for you!

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