Monday, September 28, 2009

okay..technical dificulties!

I just wanted to drop a message here and tell everyone that I have now completely lost the message column on the side bar. I am sorry and fustrated that I no longer have your comments there. I tried to find it under gadgets to update it back on there but cannot even find it. If you like to leave a comment, please leave it under individual posts. Maybe I will be able to find it again...Thanks!


Don Gordon Bell said...

Try this "wayback" which is a copy of the internet websites recorded everyday. You could recover your comments that way, copy them and repost them. Hope that helps,

Thanks for the contact with Chinese Adoptees, I agree that "This Thing of Ours-Adoption" goes for all adoptees, domestic or ICA, in all countries. We can learn from each other to find understanding and help.

Don Gordon Bell,
Korean War Baby

kyungmee said...

Don, forgive me. I don't understand how to do 'wayback'? I think my lack of computer skills was the reason that I had lost all the sidebar comments. I really appreciate the advise though:)I am with you on this..we can all learn from each other! And hope that more followers will link up!! Especially my AP followers who are adopting or have adopted from China:)

nile life said...

wanted some bugs

and spiders

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