Sunday, September 20, 2009

Korean Town

Shopping at H-Mart
Today, we made our run to Korean Town to stock up on our Korean food and to escape into Korean land for a few hours. If I think back, I have always tried to shop at an H-Mart at least once a month no matter where I lived. There were times, when younger, my roommate (who was also first generation Korean) and I would drive to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania down South Street to an H-Mart. Considering that this was over two hours drive for us, it would always turn into a day trip. This was perfectly okay with us since we were able to capture a little sense of our childhood every time we went back.

This monthly ritual never left me. Relationships came and went but I made sure that my little trips into Korean land would continue to be a big part of my daily routines. I always figured that whomever I would meet or settled down with would have to learn to eat Korean food and hoped they would like it as much as I loved and appreciated it. I was very lucky! When I met my husband, he could not eat any spicy food nor had ever tried anything outside of basic American classics and fast food. After getting to know me and my love to explore new palates, he quickly came around and now loves Korean food almost as much as I do. As for our children, we never really discussed it but knew that if we continued with our traditions and continue to eat Korean food as part of our daily diet, they would just follow. And sure enough, they have never questioned it. This is not to say that they are not picky about what they liked or disliked but it is not foreign to them. And from introducing the food to them, it led to questions and answers towards who was Korean and who wasn't. And even to this day, my little ones see others that look like me and would say how they all look like another mommy.

These days, our children look forward to shopping in Korean Town and sitting down at our Traditional Korean table to cook Bulgogi or to make Kimbab. When friends come by, they are always amazed how our kids eat this strange food right up. I tell them that for them it is nothing out of the ordinary. For them, they have grown up with this food and know that they are Korean too.

*** This is for my brother in The Netherlands: I have a series of photos I took from our shopping trip today for everyone to get a glimpse of the food they sell. More like the junk food we like to buy and consume. Enjoy the photos!


itemsfromjane said...

You are having an influence on me now, amey. whenever I see Koreans in my community, I think of you. I am hoping to sample Korean foods, not only virtually. Perhaps, when i go to the main city, i'd be inviting some cousins to eat out at Korean resto.

kyungmee said...

haha..that's great! I am always happy when people want to try korean food! I finally got my mother to try it after all these years...she kinf of had to since it was for my daughter's Tol Brithday!And I believe she like it..the bulgogi part!

Diane said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful visuals! I really love the animation on the boxed food items. Reminds me so much of China and Chinese packaging.

Margie said...

That chigae makes my mouth water :)

My kids and I often did the same thing, and they always loved going to the Korean store. I'm happy to say the experience left its mark - our daughter's favorite snack is rice with kimchi and kim, and our son (who just moved into an off-campus townhouse) is now learning to cook Korean. He's coming home this weekend and specifically asked if we could make bulgogi together so he could make it himself later.

These kinds of experiences are what life is all about. I loved reading about how you've made this a part of your family's life.

kyungmee said...

Diane: I love walking through the aisles and seeing all the pictures! And yes, before I had learned of the korean markets I went to the chinese markets first..and they are them both:)The only difference for me, being an older adoptee, I go o the H-Mart and see the food I once ate or had seen as a child..very cool to experience!

Margie: I always wonderred growing up how I would incorporate the 'korean side' into my family/children and now I am living it. I want to be always welcoming to any questions they have and hope they will embrace this part of them!

My name is Erin. said...

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragment and for visiting my blog. I've scanned your blog a bit and have already teared up many times. I'm looking forward to reading it more carefully soon. I really enjoy your writing style. You're a poetic storyteller and that's really cool! :)

kyungmee said...

Erin, I am glad we have this chance to get to know each other 4and lives..your daughter is precious..I can tell through your words & photos:) And thank you for your interest in my story:)

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