Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poetry 1991

As always, I feel in me more vulnerability displaying my old poetry for all to read. As you may have already noticed, my life here in this cybersphere does not run a smooth timeline for all to read and to grasp as we may wish and see our lives that we lead.

My mind is timeless and the memories that it holds have no boundaries or limitations. I learned from a young age that I was able to dive into my dreams and explore the endless possibilities and depths of my fears and of life. I wonder sometimes if my experiences had led me to this space or if it was always within me.

My mind searches to match my emotions; flipping, twisting, bending the colors that fill my senses and my restless being. I feel love, pain, insecurity, blindness, hope, and the reassurance that I seek. Then it appears before me. It is an old poem that I had wrote back in 1991.

Turbulent Minds

Triumphant cries of naked tongues

Whispers lured where silence lies

Walk through amber fields

Carry riches for brilliant feathered minds

Gather knowledge through their roots

They lived in hunger and breathed the air

Wind had taken the seeds out of their palms

Tangled in disguise rooted grass forms the nest

Mouth feeds the vulnerability

Security out of reach

Rapture of faith

A web of a thousand souls

Voices never heard the cries they ignored

Questions never answered

Portraits of misleading guides

To the Highest they ascribed

Mention not the truth

False alliances of their common faces

Lips closing in rage

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