Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yoo Kyung Il - My Brother's Blog

A short time prior to my visit to The Netherlands, my brother created a weblog. I was thrilled that he wanted to create and share his experiences on his very own blog. Once it was set, it sat and waited for our meeting. He wanted to begin his adventure from our initial beginnings-my arrival in Amsterdam. How special this made me feel. Now he can share with his family, friends, and everyone his story and of our two weeks together.  I am excited to see where this will take him. Only a couple months ago, I started a blog in hope to connect with other adoptees as well as my birth family and now I am introducing the blog of my brother from The Netherlands. I hope you can give his site a visit! His blog is called, yookyungil.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyungmee,
visited your brothers site. Looks good. I wish you both all the best. BTW my name is Sanna and left an anon comment the other day. I am Korean and been living outside Korea for a long time. Although I don't have any adaption experience I came across Korean Adaption related blogs by chance and am following a few blogs.

kyungmee said...

HI Sanna (산나):) I hope I spelled it right? Thanks for your comments and following our blogs:) Have you gone back since here? I don't know where you live but if near NY..there are many korean towns in NJ and NY!! I have more pictures of Korea up on my other blog, sheltersky if you are missing photos of there:) I many times like to look at them now we have them to makes me smile:) I hope we can get to know each other..always nice to meet new friends!

Terra said...

Dear Kyungmee,

Thank you for your storytelling, and for your insight and sharing.

May beauty surround you.

kyungmee said...

Thank you Terra!
I hope you get many visitors to your blogs!! You have so much to share and us to learn from your story. I need to get myself together and buy your book, "pushing up the sky";)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyungmee,

Yes you got my name correctly :-) I enjoyed your sheltersky. So lovely. What camera are you using? Recently I developed an interest in photography and try to learn more via blogs which is not easy. Anyway I spent many years in Hong Kong and London but currently live in Jakarta Indonesia. I go back to Seoul a few times a year as my parents are back in Seoul now. I can't see your contact on your blog. I live comments as anon but can you see my email address?

kyungmee said...

Hi Sanna. Wow, my brother, KyungIl's oldest brother in The Netherlands has a store where he purchases his furnature from there;) Small world in some way. Thank you for visiting sheltersky. I just started it in September;) Recently, some people have been emailing me asking what camera I y=use..funny? I carry with me all my cameras ..although the best of the best may take very clear photos and have more features..I love my other cameras too..and takes the right photos for me when I want them that the other won't do unless more prepared. Anyway, I use my Kodak Easyshare (I have two), Fuji S5000 (great camera with good exposure..a step up from snap and shoot)and my
Nikon D5000. All my photos are mixed. And I don't think you can tell which camera I used...most of the images;) Good luck!! My advise is to just go & take them and have your cameras always with you. You never know when you may have an idea or see something that you want to capture or give you an idea;) !! Good luck and have fun!!

Tony nile life said...

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kyungmee said...

TonyNileLife, WOW!!! I thought the title of your blog was different;) Well, I have a lot to see!

Sabrina Mata said...

Thanks for your visited!!
I will visit your brothers site and check how enjoyably had been your trip with him.
Lets keep in touch... how magic and small is the world through the internet.
Sabrina Mata

Nozomi said...

Hi, Hyungmee!
Thank you for your comment on my blog :) You know, when I came to see your blog, my heart almost stopped...I have adopted my sister's baby when she died and the baby had a biological sister who is growing up in Japan....

And I always wonder many things... because life is filled with many reading your blog today gave me lots of smiles...I am hoping their journey will be like yours someday.

Thank you for sharing your is really incredible.

Warm wishes!

itemsfromjane said...

Hello Amey!!!! been a while.. i visited your brother's blog. there were yet not much words but the pictures were enough to tell me how happy and proud he was with your visit. ( my interpretation, at least..)

again, congratulations! one more link connected to the chain...

saw your pictures on FB. they're really great! I also have new pictures for sheltersky that i wish would again be accommodated.. chat soon!

kyungmee said...

Sabrina, the world seems much closer via web:) And I am so glad for it!! I hope to get to know more of each other too:)

Nozomi! Wow!! How crazy and wild is that! I hope you both much success in hopes to reuinte one day:) I hope to share more with each other as well!

Jane,good to hear from you!! I have not gone to FB much lately but will:) I love to get more of your photos for sheltersky! And my visit with KyungIl was Terrific..much more than I could ask for. They are trying to come down this way sometimes in the near future:)

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