Thursday, October 8, 2009

ROEB's Photoblog and my visit to The Netherlands

I thought I would post this message here as well. I had just posted this on my photoblog, Sheltersky. Hope everyone can visit ROEB's photoblog.  He has a lot on there and going through his archives, found many beautiful poems there as well.

Here it is:
A couple days ago, I had come across an interesting blog called, ROEB. This blog is out of The Netherlands which now holds much interest to me since I had recently connected with my younger brother who resides in The Netherlands. An agency out of Korea helped us to connect about a couple months ago. You see, I was adopted to the States when I was 7 years old and my brother to The Netherlands when he was an infant. Although, I had grown up thinking I was the youngest of five, I have come to learn we are 6 siblings in total. I had found out about my younger brother when my husband and I were visiting Korea on our honeymoon in 2004. We left Korea, not only having found my surviving siblings who continue to reside there but that I had a younger brother living in The Netherlands. If you are interested in reading more about my childhood memoirs and of our meeting, you can go to, Korean American Adoptee Home is Within.

Going through ROEB's blog gives me an interesting perspective of a place that my brother lives and that I will be able to visit next week. To me, it is interesting further because it depicts and gives us a glimps of the mix in cultures that co-exist within Holland. It is a thoughtful site and one that leaves  me feeling more inquisitve and feeling more responsible for how I view the world around me. I wish ROEB much luck with his photoblog and am very happy to have met him here in cyberworld!


ambiguous_angel said...

i visited your photoblog:)

nice one!

Passport Applications said...

very interesting inspired me a lot....

Terra said...

Dear Kyungmee,

You, and your writing, are a treasure. I was in the process of writing to you, and before I could hit send, you left a comment for me. I'm honored to meet you, and I look forward to following your blogs.

In Spirit,

kyungmee said...

Angel:thankyou & talk to you again soon..:)

Passport Application:Thank you so much..I feel I was able to write my memoirs as I did (like a coninuous flow) because of all the support I recieved from the readers& the encouragemnet to pursue them into writing!!

Terra: I really enjoyed reading you blogs/websites..I need to buy your book so I can read more of it:) I think it is a wonderful thing you did and are doinf with your weblog!! I am glad to have met you!

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