Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what are the chances??

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I went to the local Post Office to drop off mail for my brother, KyungIl's family. While waiting in line, a little boy came up to my daughter and began to talk to her. I looked down at them and smiled knowing my little one most likely would not dare to look at this cute boy trying very hard to get her attention. Instead, she shyly walked behind my legs and then proceeded to back up behind a poster nearby. As I watched her slip around the posterboard the little guy quickly followed her to sneak a peek around the poster and laugh. I could not help to laugh as well watching him so desperately to get her attention.

As the line moved forth, I continued to be mused by their actions as he continued to sneak a peek at my daughter and smile at her. Then, in the background, I heard a mother's voice calling to the little boy. I looked up to see his mother speaking to him in a familiar voice. I had heard this language before..and before I could help myself, I looked at her and asked her where she was from. She smiled and told me that she was from the Netherlands! Could you believe funny things are! Standing there in line both of us with cards in hand waiting to be mailed to the Netherlands..we talked about her family and of my meeting with KyungIl and his family. I learned also that she had been in the Netherlands back in October 2009 while I also was visiting my Brother and his family! Tell me, what are the chances of something like this happening..right?

How special the day had turned out and how amazed I was to feel so close to my Brother and his family when only moments before I felt the distance between us as I held the card in my hand. This wonderful little boy and his mother allowed me to see we are as close as we allow ourself to feel.


Here are some more images from my visit back in October 2009.  These images were taken while visiting Rotterdam Netherlands.


MIESFE - 64 said...

Hola preciosa ,esta foto de color es estupenda ,me gusta la foto con tus relatos

Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

Isn't it amazing how small our world really is?

José Ramón said...

Congratulations on the Blog

Greetings from creativity and imagination photos of Jose Ramon

kyungmee said...

MIESFE..gracias por visitar mi blog aqui! really is..I am very excited for you!

Jose..thank you for visitng both blogs! I love your images!!

Diane said...

OH! What a lovely cosmic experience. I could vividly picture your daughter tucked behind your legs ;) I was so that way as a very sweet.

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