Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Approved For Adoption: The Movie To Be Released 2010

I felt compelled to add this as it's own post even though I had linked a YouTube Video Clip of this movie, Approved for Adoption, to the list of LINKS OF INTEREST on my Blog. I had found this clip on another adoptee website (the name I cannot recall at this moment). I find this video clip to be so very beautiful and telling of this man's journey into his past. Yes, it is only a clip but in only a two minute trailer, you get the feel of the story and impact this journey has on his life. Not forgetting that the animation and style of the film is wonderful! Immediately, I felt drawn to it and felt it was representing aspects of my life. Of how this movie will impact the lives of so many Korean Adoptees out here...EVERYWHERE. Of how it will open the EYES of so many others who watch this film. I wish Jung and the producers of this film the BEST! I am hoping it will reach us here in the States.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will be VERY interested to check this one out. Looks powerful!

Hee Jung said...

Can't wait to see it! I immediately felt a connection (not in relation sense, but as far as having similar thoughts)

kyungmee said...

Me too, I have watched that clip so many times...I love how he turns into the cartoon character. This movie will mean so many things for people and will open up awareness for so many in a very creative and thoughtful way!

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